Rare Purple and Red Display Piece

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Rare Purple and Red Display Piece

( Non Cement Backing )
Weight: 2.4kg

Height: approx 16.5cm

Across: approx 15cm


 If you are looking for a stone that can shoo away negative energy from your workplace, the amethyst is  a perfect choice. Apart from its healing properties, it can be an added decoration to the office while bringing in positive vibrations.

Place an amethyst stone in different areas of your workplace to maximize its positive energy. You can add one in the bathroom, conference room, and other areas. You can even place it in your car since you’ll be spending time inside it.

Since the amethyst can help calm the mind, it is a recommended item for the meditation room.  This way, you can relax and drive away stress more effectively. 

It can be placed in the south area of the workplace or the reputation area like your personal office. Using amethyst can also boost one's standing, making it an excellent stone for business leaders.